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"You can't build a great building on a weak foundation"




Whether you are newly postpartum or "living with" residual affects of pregnancy. Whether your goals are to increase your quality of life (think, stopping unwanted leaks, discomfort, or pain), confidently lift your toddler (and all the baby 'accessories' we accumulate), or return to high intensity training, running, jumping, or simply not be scared to sneeze, my mission is to help you safely and confidently reach your goals ... and heck, let's have a little fun while we're at it?

A blend of rehabilitative strengthening and progressive intensity. My program is the bridge you need to go from point A to Point B. Point A being wherever you are in YOUR postpartum journey, and Point B being your return to the movement and exercise you love, or want to try.⁣

Why choose me to help you?
I am essentially the coach that I need for myself! I know far too many people, myself included, who sign up for programs and log-in to the site once. Not here. I will be with you throughout your whole journey; checking in & keeping you accountable, listening to you, celebrating with you.
For those newly postpartum, I understand that maternity leave can be financially difficult and my hope is for you to have the opportunity to access coaching customized for you, that is affordable. I am very passionate about this and it is reflective in what I offer.

Let me help you build (or rebuild) a solid foundation that allows you to freely live your life in the best possible body!

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Calgary, AB  |  Tel: 403-852-1521

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