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What equipment do I need for my  postpartum exercise program?

A lot of the workouts can be done with minimal equipment and I can work with what is available to you. Basics that would be helpful are as follows along with Amazon links to purchase.

Foam Roller, Mini Bands, Bender / Pilates Balls & a Long Band

If I can say there are 'must haves', these would be them!

Foam Roller

Mini Bands

Bender / Pilates Ball

Long Resistance Bands

- only need 1 but if you want the full set, it is linked here too.


There are many common, everyday items you can use but if you'd like to take away the guesswork, here are some options!


5, 10 & 15lb Combo / Singles


3, 5 & 10lb combo

Fun to Haves

Definitely not necessary, but this little section are a few things I find handy or simply fun ... 

Yoga Blocks

Slam Balls 

8, 10 or 15 lbs - great stress relievers

Plyo Boxes

Please note that these are affiliate links and I will get a small commission - which I do appreciate your support for!

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